New York Same Sex Marriage Attorney Manhattan

In 2011 New York enacted the Marriage Equality Act permitting same sex couples to marry and further providing that same sex married persons are entitled to the same legal treatment as opposite sex marriages. This legislation constituted a landmark change from New York’s prior treatment of same sex couples.

Now, for the first time in New York, same sex couples have the opportunity to enter into premarital (prenuptial agreements) prior to their marriage in order to protect their assets, their prospective inheritances, while concurrently enabling them to negotiate such issues as spousal maintenance, inheritance rights of surviving spouses, equitable distribution, the right to occupy the marital residence, health and life insurance and a myriad of other legal issues prior to their marriage to avoid having the “stranger in the black robe” decide their fate should their marriage end in divorce.

Sadly, like opposite sex couples, inevitably some same sex couples will be confronted with the reality that not all marriages work out and they will have to deal with divorce, annulment, legal separation, and the ancillary issues that are part of matrimonial actions such as spousal maintenance, custody and child support, equitable distribution and distributive awards, and responsibility for their own and possibly their spouse’s legal fees, amongst other issues.

While New York Courts have had extensive experience with opposite sex marriages, their experience with same sex marriages heretofore has been far more limited. Until the new law was passed, New York Courts only considered divorces between same sex couples if their marriage occurred in states which recognized same sex marriages.

With more than forty (40) years of experience in the matrimonial field, I can provide legal assistance to all persons contemplating marriage, and when the marriage is no longer viable, legal assistance in the dissolution of their marriages.