New York Prenuptial Agreement – Whats To Know?

Also known as a pre marital agreement

Not only is marriage a bond of someone’s deep love it’s also an economic arrangement that should be entered into as one.

There’s an agreement for those contemplating marriage in the State of New York and it’s called a prenuptial or ante nuptial agreement, which is legal. Not only is it a contract between you and your fiancée for financial reasons it’s also for personal reasons such as religion, children, careers, and sharing specific day-to-day tasks.

Before signing any legal document you should have a legal expert counsel you on your rights and know there is the financial side still covering assets, debts, income for both parties.
Some believe that a pre-nuptial agreement allows the marriage to start off on the right foot forward. It’s there to help communicate, protect each other which many times can lead to less friction and more peace of mind during the marriage.

As you can imagine there is a long list of things that need to be considered when entering a marriage. A prenuptial agreement protects promises made by the parties as to how to deal with their finances.

Couples marrying when they are older typically have built up properties and wealth so these investments need to be considered. There are kids from previous marriages that need to be provide for. Pensions, businesses and debts all need to be considered as married or separate property. There are inheritance issues and more. Again your best advice is to find a local attorney with years of experience to handle your New York prenuptial agreement.

Getting married is one of the best times in one’s life, but there are legal consequences to marriage. Smart couples who are planning on getting married are also making preparations to protect and disclose financial issues. A prenuptial agreement can provide security for both.


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